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Fluid Processing Technology and Automation Solutions





   The Fluid processing also named as “analysis pretreatment” and ”analysis postprocessing” during in the test and analysis.Its essence is to treat the fluid quantitative suction sample,distribution,complete dilution or mixing action,waste environmental processing actions.Aimed at different applications requirement,each one has its own merits.Due to involve patent,technology and other factors,in the automation products fileds only grasped by a few manufactures used.And all are composed of the following key parts:micro power element,shear valve and stepping motor with integrated drive,control and communication protocol.It can be applied directly to all test equipment,analysis instrument and system engineering that require automatic sample pre-processing.





As follows(Automatic processing unit for fluid pressue regulating and flow system of Medical Equipment).













As follows(High purity gas distribution system of the Laborary,the gas content of remote monitoring,Automatic switching tank,Automatic pressure filling etc.)









 As follows(Hydrulic unit automation system)









    The Diateng have a professional fluid control design team which have already developed for testing and analysis of the ultimate stress and flow,extreme corrosion, leakage and energy comsumption etc control characteristics of the new automation technology.Through the solenoid valve,regulator,pump,sensor etc integration solution module products have been officially released,to meet a wide rang of micro fluidic control application test diagnosis and analysis,to meet the special applications demand.


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