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Modular Integration program for fluid control



   The Fluid can be roughly divided into gas or liquid (liquid substance),however,due to the different physical and static characteristics of different fluid.Even if the same fluid media under different environmental conditions,the physical dynamic characteristics are also slightly different.These uncertain factors will increase the difficulty of design engineers to control the fluid on demand.Especially on special occasions,medical diagnostic equipment and scientific analytical instruments,such as:large flow under low pressure,requirement the high accurancy for fluid control and to meet the needs of professional applications in medical instruements.The system design engineers should strive to balance various whirling variables to reach the whole system performance as the development target...


   The modern fluid control system has been developing to a high degree of integration and modularization,bring many benefits,such as:1.reduce the system components,such as pipes,joints etc;2.reduce the possibility of leakage;3.Euipment is more compact,and easy to carry;4.Shorten the after-service time and on-site maintance time;5.Improve the overall performance of the system;6.Improve production efficiency and productivity;7.Improve the quality control;8.shorten the supply chain,reduce the production cost.







In the actual engineering project,we can combine the above several subsystems in different degrees.








The above picture is a typical integration for the gas analysis instrument,and its functions include filling,compensating pressure and distribution.


The below picture is a kind of gas processing function highly integrated module used in stirling butterfly engine,its function including:flow control,voltage regulation,mixing and dispensing.







In fact,many of the gas control system,the engineers usually search the more effectitive control unit to reach automation.As below picture,the high purity gas distributor in laboratory through the pressure regulating valve,diaphragm valve,one-way valve,sensor,solenoid valve and the other components of highly integrated automatic gas distributor,do not need to wait for manual tank,distributor will automatically connect with high pressure gas tank on the pipeline.









   The design of these modules is the crystallization of engineering cooperation, through honest and open communication between system designers and professional engineers to share their knowledge and experience to create a new,even revolutionary solutions have high practical value.

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