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Pressure Transmitter
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Pressure Transmitter




Analog pressure transmitter with ceramic diaphragm strain gauge.




? Pressure ranges to 8700 PISG (600bar).

? Ceramic membrane for various applications.

? Suitable for a wide process temperature range from - 40 °C to +100 °C.

? ATEX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T6 - Certification for the use in explosive hazardous areas.

? Shortest response time and good accuracy up to 0,1%

? Integrated evaluation electronic

 -- in 2-wire-technology with current signal 4...20 mA.

 -- in 3-wire-technology with voltage signal 0...10 V.







Application description:


   The device Pressure Transmitter with integrated analogue evaluation electronic is a compact pressure transmitter for continuous measuring of pressures from 0 up to 8700 PISG (600 bar) in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts within closed container or pipes, also in explosive hazardous areas, at process temperatures from – 40°C to +100°C.

   The use of a strain gauge with ceramic membrane and the corresponding excellent characteristics, allows the use in nearly all fields of industry.


Function description:


   The device is mounted in the wall of the pressure container or of the pipe.

  The system pressure is applied to the ceramic membrane and causes there a deflection of the thick film strain gauge at the back side of the membrane.
    The ceramic membrane offers excellent characteristics like high pressure and pressure blow strength up to four times the nominal pressure, vacuum resistance, very high resistance against chemicals, corrosion and abrasion, very good insensitiveness against temperature shocks, high accuracy and reproducibility, good long term stability and a low temperature influence.
The pressure dependent variation of the strain gauge output voltage is converted by the integrated evaluation electronic into a current signal 4...20 mA resp. voltage signal 0...10 V.



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