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   Pressure reducing regulators are installed at the start of a system before pressure sensitive equipment. These regulators precisely reduce / regulate undesirable higher upstream pressure in order to achieve the desired downstream demand. Moreover, pressure reducing regulators will attempt to maintain and control the outlet pressure within certain restraints as other conditions fluctuate. The outlet pressure of your pressure reducing regulator determines the down stream pressure.
   DiaTeng offers a wide range of pressure reducing regulators for use in a variety of industries worldwide. Our pressure reducing regulators are offered in varying: materials of construction (with varying degrees of corrosion resistance, weights, strengths etc.), sizes (ranging from .7” to larger 8” models), flow capacities, and inlet/outlet pressure ranges. With the flexibility of optional port alignments, port sizes/types, relief and shut off valves, loading styles, elastomers, color anodizing and more, Premier pressure reducing regulators provide maximum versatility and compatibility for your unique product application.  If you do not see a standard model that suits your needs, please contact us. We would be happy to help you with a custom design or modification.




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