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Gerotor Pumps
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PR Gerotor Pumps


   PR pumps are gear pumps with trochoidal teeth. These pumps have been established in the market for years. They can be obtained directly from STC Schwab Technologie-Center GmbH at very attractive prices. Our competent technical team will gladly advise you anytime.


   The gerotor pump size B0 is an outside gear wheel pump with low displacement volume (1,2 and 2,2 cm3). It is specifically designed to be coupled with a rotor pump of the sizes B1 and B2.


   A direct coupling of pumps of the same sizes (B1 with B1, B2 with B2) as well as different sizes (B1 with B2) is possible. This means that on one main pump a number of coupling pumps may be attached, depending on the required pump power.







Product Benefits/ USPs:

 ■ Simple and robust design
 ■ Long lifetime
 ■ Low pulsation
 ■ High flexibility through modular combination of various sizes of main and coupling pumps.








Technical Adaptability:

 ■ Fluid volumes Qeff 4 to 50 l/min
 ■ Nominal rotational speed 1500 rpm
 ■ High pressure range of up to 120 bar.


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