New web had launched







    In order to meet the requirements of a new generation of engineers,we update our website layout and content.As a new generation of engineers working habits,models have a fundamental changing.Therefore,our website constantly improved from the vision,products,technology and consulting content etc to meet their requirments,so we will follow a constantly updated our website information.


    We constantly update the website,at the same time,we will also need to adjust the brand promotion way.In 2017 we will make a 5 years of promotion plan,and promotion content,please ask Diateng is partners pay more attention to what we tell.Of course,mainly our customer base is a customer in China,so we will spend more energy in the Chinese version of the editorial work,English as a brief introduction.Please note that we will let the world is unknown brand become to a well-known foreign brands in China,also sell to whole ofChina,includingTaiwan,Hongkongand,Macao.


    Looking forward to sharing with agency brands in the next 5 years of the Chinese market,we hope to actively cooperate with the brand factories,innovate new cooperation model.




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