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       We represent the top level manufacturers of the world.Our mission is to increase foreign distribution and market share by utilizing our international marketing expertise.Our top priority is to ensure that our customers and suppliers receive the most accurate and professional customer service.We take pride in providing quality products,prompt delivery and personalized service to our customers.

     Shenzhen Diateng Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one mainland subsidiaries of Diateng International Group(HK)Limited. we specialize in fluid engineering, and related product sales. We commit to do branding, sales, management of of industrial products,we offer a competitive price services, cutting-edge high-tech products, we currently have more than 5 international brand of regional general agent in China, such as  Peterpaul 、3BFilters、ACS、ClarkCooper,SCHWAB,Peter-Paul TITZE ...


     Shenzhen Diateng Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd has a number of subsidiaries in the mainland of China, which specializes in import and export trade-oriented enterprises. Our enterprises purpose is to reduce costs for all customers, to supply high-efficiency management’s products and technology integrated services companies. Our business range includes supplying MRO product(maintain、run、produce) and supporting new products development.We have more than 5 international industrial brands products in China is the exclusive distributor of qualification.While we have our own customs clearance technology services team, providing flexible logistics and procurement solutions, technology package and complete integrated solutions…





We have a multidisciplinary Professionsl team.

We have Extensive experimence in Fluid processes.


We have a large number of customers.


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